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PTCPay Industry Advice Are you confused on where to begin? Or what your domain name should be? Check out this area.

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Unread 03-21-2013, 11:27 PM
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Lightbulb How Much Money Should I Have to Begin - For Member Payments?


I have been asked this question over the years many times and the most accurate answer is:
It depends on your business plan, and your settings you choose to operate under.

Business Plan Definition:
What is your strategy? What kind of site do you plan on using GeN4 for? As the script is highly advanced and has only 3 encoded pages, it can be used multiple ways. You can use it as the base for your customized project, or run it as a PTC/GPT site, or use it as a base to build off of to make a hybrid site. It can be a traffic exchange or used specifically centered around one options/feature. Most use it as an advertising site with investment options. You can use your imagination as this is the only script of its nature which allows such freedom.

Settings Definition:
How much are you paying? How often do you allow payment? What is the min amount for payments? GeN4 has over 825 different settings. With this said, you can imagine the possibilities of combinations which would affect the outcome of the "how much money do i need to start" question. Your settings define how your site operates and hence are of top most importance to get set up PRIOR to launching. This is an essential part of your business plan and will affect the outcome more than the actual PLAN itself, as correct settings will make or break your site. It is always good practice to grow slowly and not set your rates for things too high. You can always raise them as you grow or as a promotion.

Make sure you are fully upgraded with your payment processors you are using and that you have the ability to make payments on time according to your settings PRIOR to launching your site. On time payments will make or break a PTC/GPT site. I have seen people start with $0, and I have seen people start out with $3,000. Both will work, ... it all depends on your business plan and your settings.
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