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GeN3 1.3.1 Release
July 11, 2009


GeN3 1.3.1 is now completed and it brings fixes for issues reported in GeN3 1.3. All our customers should be able to download the new script. Read below for the issues fixed.

-Fixed issues with cashout.php allowing uses to bypass some protocols.
-Fixed some issues that could have potentially allowed users to cheat the ad viewing system.
-Fixed graphs and ad clicks crediting in the wrong day.
-Fixed banner ads not disabling/enabling correctly.
-Fixed some issues with the forums showing blank posts.
-Fixed a bug that caused the PayPal autopay to malfunction on some servers.
-Fixed some issues with the progress bar not working in some browsers.
-Fixed a bug that made the geographic filter unusable.
-fixed an issue with Mega jackpot winners not receiving prize.

-Ability to edit an upgrade package.
-Security in the ad system.
-New design for view ads page.
-More admin area options.