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GeN3 1.4 Release
November 24, 2009


GeN3 1.4 is now completed and available to all customers for download. Below you may find a list containing some of the major changes and additions. All customers will find a complete change log included with their script which also includes what files we changed, and what we changed if there was a database edit.


*BUG: Proper upgrade display when you choose a different upgrade from drop down in upgrade page.

*BUG: Missing Letter A in United States

*BUG: Email address does not auto fill when clicked on. When clicked on it goes to the emailer but shows the following error at the top of the page and does not fill in the clicked on email address.

*BUG: Unneeded cashout setting in general settings.

*BUG: Contact form bug.

*BUG: Missing option to choose what upgrade to apply days to.

*BUG: Cashout round up/round down.

*BUG: Alertpay address is in the wrong place in admin area.

*BUG: Clicks appear in the charts that referrals have but they aren’t credited.

*BUG:  Displaying available referrals instead of admin decided amount.

*BUG: Highlighting ads is not working.

*BUG: SQL Code injection / XSS Attacks send false reports without data.

*BUG: Ad packages order by the order they were added.

*BUG: Needed to have normal jackpot activated to be able to join referral jackpot.

*BUG: Recaptcha does not work.

*BUG: Referral field should have an option in the admin panel to make it read only.

*BUG: % of direct refs purchases not crediting and commission cannot be disabled.

*BUG: If Alertpay is disabled it won’t allow users to advertise banners.

*BUG: A few tickets were not sold and sometimes the winner field can be empty if the unsold ticket wins.

*BUG: Only one type of banner package is allowed.

*BUG: You can create accounts from multiple IP and login from all of them with the same IP.

*BUG: Manage active banners lacks functions.

*BUG: Additional Layer of security to admin panel.

*BUG: New banners don’t have option to choose days.

*BUG: Forum posts can be edited by any user.

*BUG: Deleting a post does not update the last topic, number of posts, or replies.

*BUG: When you edit a user the script changes the user’s country to United States of America.

*BUG: Renewing and recycling prices for premium members did not have proper values.

*BUG: Fixed some countries that did not work with demographic filter..

*BUG: No mass delete option for ticket system.


-User management.
-Advertisement management.
-Website flow.
-Login page.
-SQL speed.
-And much more.

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