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1.48 Script Released
July 27, 2014

GeN4 1.48 Feature List
– A brand new additional theme made by the designer, IVinci
– Added impression counting for banner advertising (Outside/Member)
– Added SQL Query Box for running SQL queries from your admin area
– Added database optimization and repair functions
– Added manual operation of cron job
– Improved on ad ordering system by giving every available option while creating and editing ads
– Added Paymentwall offer program
– Added CPALead offer program
– Added point system with point transfer system into the rental or advertiser balance
– Added new notification system in admin area upon a page updating
– Created Demo Mode for admin usage
– Updated script from Php 5.3.X to Php 5.4.X
– Split up overloaded pages admin side into seperate pages for better navigation and functionability
– Added additional admin area design modification for better viewing and usage
– Added PStrength password strength meter with setable min requirements admin side for forced security on user passwords
– Added username search upon typing on registeration with notication of taken usernames or available
– Modified jackpot system with additional statstical infomation and made the mini jackpots operate off of 50 numbers instead of 100
– Added all captcha systems to the ad systems for additional security and/or prefrence of use
– Added ability to select what pages to display the captcha system on
– Added random captcha feature to both the ad systems and the site captchas
– Added prize type selection on CoinGrid prizes when made by admin
– Balance
– Rental Balance
– Advertising Balance
– Points
– Jackpot Tickets
– Rental Jackpot Tickets
– Mega Jackpot Tickets

Fixed all reported issues

Robert Legoo
PTCPay General Manger