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GeN4 Security+ 1.2 – Release Date: 09/01/11
July 10, 2011


We have already began on the next version/update of the hottest PTC/GPT script on the market!! Version 1.2 will release on September 1st, 2011. You can pre-order using coupon code: SEPT1 for 20% off your order. This is for new customers only and this promotion is good for only 20 new clients. (Since this is a pre-order for 1.2, you will receive additional time added to your download access which will be equivalent to ordering on 09/01/11 if you order before the launch.  Coupon must be used at time of purchase and this offer is only valid for those who use the coupon above.)

We are also currently working on having the script translated into different languages. So far we have the following planned:
– Italian
– Portuguese

Version 1.2 will include the below:

– Admin
=> Currency of Pound (selectable USD|EUR|GBP)

– Forum
=> Forum infraction system
=> Forum user titles
=> Forum theme system

– Site
=> Ability to manage friends
=> Fixed theme system
=> Payment proof area

More will be added to the above so keep an eye out!!

Robert Legoo
PTCPay General Manager

GeN4 Security+ 1.0.6 GPT/PTC/Bux Script Release Successful
December 2, 2010


We’ve completed GeN4 Security+ 1.0.6 and it is now available for download and installation. This release brings stability and increases the functionality of the script. You can see the full list at the end of this post. We have also enabled AlertPay and Liberty Reserve for the purchase of the script and add-ons. The current discounted price will not remain much longer. If you’d like to take advantage of this low price, now is the time.

With this release also comes the GeN4 Security+ Advanced Bot System. See the features of it below.

Advanced Bot System Features:
– Make different bot types with different behaviors.
– You are in full control of how often the bots click, how many ads they click and when they stop clicking.
– Get detailed email reports about bot behavior and statistics.
– Detailed statistics and charts are available in the admin area to show you how many bots you have sold, what your income/expenses from them are and how much profit/loss you have generated from them.

1.0.6 Feature List:

Admin Area
– Added ability to send a welcome email to new members and customizable message/subject
– Added forum moderation section on admin area homepage which shows pending moderation/links to moderation page
– Added forum moderation panel which allows admins to moderate forum from admin area
– Added forum achievements area which displays progress made as a member participates
– Added ability to edit the Terms of Service from the admin area
– Added ability to edit the privacy Policy from the admin area
– Added ability to edit the FAQ from the admin area
– Added ability to edit the Refund Policy from the admin area
– Added ability to set the max cashout for a standard member
– Added ability to set the max cashout for an upgraded member
– Added pagination to the admin log
– Added option to choose cookie timeout time for referral link

Forum Area
– Added display of forum achievements
– Added breadcrumb to show what forum is being posted in

Themes Area
– Added option to show the username for rented referrals
– Added option to show last active for rented referrals
– Added displaying of pioneer discount percentage and price
– Added coding to show/hide the username for rented referrals
– Added coding to show/hide last active for rented referrals
– Added referral link cookie settings code
– Added display of minimum age if it is set on register page
– FAQ text can be edited now through the the admin control panel
– Privacy Policy text can be edited through the admin control panel
– Refund Policy text can be edited through the admin control panel
– Terms of Service text can be edited through the admin control panel

Thank you,

GeN4 Secure+ (1.0.5) GPT/PTC/Bux Script Released
November 9, 2010


I’ve been analyzing this industry and realized what it needed is improved security. Scripts right now try and protect themselves, but ultimately, they fail. This costs the owners of the sites thousands of dollars. I envisioned a GPT system that was hack proof, solid, and reliable. This vision is now reality.

We’re proud to announce the release of GeN4 1.0.5 later today, which we’ve named GeN4 Security+. This release implements our exclusive advanced security system that we just finished stress testing. There is no other security system in any GPT script(maybe any commercial script) that is this sophisticated and intelligent. It’s time for a change. It’s time for the scripts to fight back.

What our Security+ system does:
-Automated complete banning(user name, email, hostname, etc.) of anyone that even attempts to exploit your site.
-Automated banning of vulnerability scanners.
-Automated banning if anyone tries SQL, XSS, HTML, JavaScript, Tamper Data, or any other type of injection.
-Automated banning of anyone attempting to cheat the system
-Completely configurable from your admin area.
-See everything the system does. You can see who the system banned, when, why, what they tried, etc.
-This system gives you peace of mind about your site security and frees up your time so you can make more money.

In short, every query of the script is passed through this system, thoroughly checked, and than processed. We also optimized this system so that it hardly uses any of your server resources. In fact, it had the surprising ability to speed up queries much of the time.

That’s not all, for this release we’ve also:
-Checked every script query and transaction for vulnerability. Fixed and rewrote any possible exploits.
-Rewrote our rented referral system to make it completely reliable.
-Improved the proxy security and added database logging for events.
-Fixed all bugs and issues reported by sites running GeN4. The script is performing perfectly on sites with over 50,000 users.
-Modified the default CAPTCHA system to be more secure and configurable.
-Improved and secured the built in forum.
-Added more filtering options for all advertisement types, payments, and users.
-Rewrote default text and tooltips to better fit a GPT site.

Those are the major additions, many other small changes have been made to increase usability and improve functionality. As usual, this upgrade is free for our customers.




– Fixed preloaders to inlclude new security system.

root/banned_chk.php ->
– Added displaying of reason and fixed style

– Made default captcha more secure and difficult to bypass.



– fixed hidestatus on registration.

– added code related to lib_security

– added totally new security system for filtering inputs & suspending users.

– obsolete


– Replaced filter system
– secured all user input through lib_security

– added displaying of minimum ads required to click

– fixed bug with vacation mode and sites with no minimum click requirements.

– added BBCode to news,
– fixed slashes in news.
– added encrypted referral link

– added encrypted referral link option.
– fixed IE terms of agreement bug.
– fixed slashes in news.

– added another ip check for proxies.

– Fixed issue with data not being displayed after submit,
– Disallowed usage of referral links in profile page.

– added encrypted referral link option

– fixed broken tags & injection holes.

– fixed broken tags & injection holes

– Fixed javascript issues in ie.

– Fixed javascript issues in ie.

– Fixed major injection holes added more security checks.

– Fixed major injection holes added more security checks.
– fixed bug with graphs not being displayed correctly.

– improved flood filter.

– obsolete


– Replaced filter system.
– fixed issue with slashes being displayed
– added option to filter out referral links.

– completely redone BBcode system.

– added maxmimum message length setting.

– fixed bug with users being able to ban themselves.
– added maximum message length setting.
– fixed possible security hole.

– added security against exploiters.
– added bold name for users.
– added displaying of pending approved items for moderators.
– added system for admin to move around subcategories.
– fixed bug with online users.

– fixed bug where moderator panel would not show up if post approval was disabled.

– fixed bug with post count on deletion.

– improved flood filter.


– replaced links with icons

– added setting for maximum postlength.
– added option to move around subcategories, categories
– added option to edit category names.
– fixed broken tag.
– added option to filter out referral links.

– set suspension to use new system,

– modified to use the new table.

– added advanced settings for default captcha.

– added tooltips for new features.

– added country flags with countryname tooltips

– modified menu for new features.

– added option for proxy banning/suspending
– added option for logging proxies to database.

admin/pre/flinks.php / fads.php / manageads.php / banners.php / prepayments.php / ptsu.php / users.php
– added ordering of data

– added banning/suspending of flooders.
– added configuration of request time


– added backend configuration for new secuirty system.

GeN4 1.0 Bux/PTC/GPT Script Available
October 15, 2010


You can now purchase GeN4 1.0 from our store and take advantage of our pre-order 5% coupon code: 1.0PRE-ORDER. The coupon also discounts add-ons! Release for GeN4 1.0 is scheduled for October 25th.

New Features:
Demo: (Default user and admin are not yet enabled. You can register.)
Test Site: (Runs a newer version than the demo, development site.)

Thank you,

GeN4 1.0 Feature List
October 11, 2010


Below is the feature list for GeN4 1.0. You can pre-order it from

GeN4 New Major Script Features
) Added PTSU system. Complete with stats, campaign system, admin area tools.
) Added Featured Ad System. Complete with stats, campaign system, and admin area tools.
) Changed the banner system to work through the campaign system. Added advanced banner stats.
) Integrated all the different advertising methods into one campaign area.

GeN4 Admin Area Additions
) Give new members a signup bonus on registration (rental balance)
) Give new members a signup bonus on registration (account balance)
) Give new members a signup bonus on registration (advertiser balance)
) Redesigned/Organized/Separated the entire GeN4 admin area
) Drop down list added to country banning for easier selection
) Drop down list added for header color changing
) Redesigned the admin/index (admin home) to better suit owners (added necessary statistical information)
) Added enlarged/green/url to the pending orders (if there is 1 or more, it will show larger, green, and link to the pending order when clicked on)
) Added database backup feature (can also email to your desired email address when you run this backup)
) Added Warning message on admin area home if install directory is still on your server
) Added server monitoring features (checks for gd image library, mcrypt library, server uptime, server load, amount of home directory used, memory usage, and apache info)
) Added ability to ban a $SERVER_HTTP_REFERRAL (banning traffic from a domain/site)
) Added proxy server blocking (basic and aggressive protection types)
) Ability to change the quote background color of forum posts
) Ability to ban members from the forum if admin/mod rights
) Ability to turn on/turn off the contact information box
) Added requirement of checkbox indicating that no duplicate support ticket has been sent in past 24 hours on contact
) Added admin area login logging for success and failed logins
) More then three failed attempts at login, will now ban for 10 mins.
) Display duplicate user information (passwords, email addresses, payment email addresses, liberty reserve account)
) Modified account search feature (added inactive, passwords, email addresses, paypal addresses, alertpay addresses, liberty reserve account)
) Now you can set your payment processor referral links, these will replace the existing link which goes to each payment processor when clicked on
) Now there is site under construction and forum construction. (both auto whitelist admin ip, both display image in header to notify admin they are in mode)
) Now you can control your sites growth by limiting new registrations per day
) Now you can view/edit those who are banned from the forum
) Now you can view/edit those who are suspended from your site
) Added ability to view/edit those who are pioneer status
) Added stats for ptsu, featured links, and featured ads
) Added captcha on ads (option) for added security(optional)
) Added Instructions for new features.
) Now you can limit logins of members to their registered country (prevents hacking and use of proxys)
) Give users pioneer status from users/edit user area

GeN4 Libs Area
) Cron update now removes direct/rented referrals who are over the limit from when a user upgrades and then the upgrade ends

GeN4 Themes Area
) Completely redesigned themes area
) Display min amount of characters needed to send a support ticket (counts down, displays done when complete – loads only on that page to save kb)
) Added required checkbox in order to send a support ticket (“I have waited 24 hours before submitting a duplicate support ticket”) disabled submit till checked
) Added subject line to contact tickets
) Divided the personal settings and forum settings to open the possibilities of customization and to better separate account functions
) Added referral links to each payment processor image (set via your admin area)
) Added re-captcha (login, contact, register)
) Added nu-captcha (login, contact, register)
) Reduced number of mysql connections
) Added featured ads (display on homepage)
) Added featured links (display on homepage)
) Added ptsu ads (manage, view declined, edit, delete)
) Now too many failed login attempts will result in 10 min. banning
) Liberty reserve is now added as a payment processor
) Liberty reserve is now added as an instant payment method
) Added tooltips throughout the script for ease of explanation of inputs(User side and admin side.)
) Added campaigns display to logged in area to help track running of all advertisements.
) If mail is in pm box, now will show green
) Added extra statistical banner options
) Added earning calculator
) Changed menu to better link to advertise areas

GeN4 Forum Area
) Display min amount of characters needed to forum post (counts down, displays done when complete – loads only on that page to save kb)
) Display min amount of characters needed to forum reply (counts down, displays done when complete – loads only on that page to save kb)
) Display min amount of characters needed to edit (counts down, displays done when complete – loads only on that page to save kb)
) Display of users online status
) Display of all users online status on footer
) Different colors for admin/mod in forum status in footer
) Pm members from forum
) Forum links to facebook, yahoo messenger, myspace, gchat, youtube, delicious icons per member(Members can fill their forum profiles if they want.)
) Added pioneer membership tag

GeN4 Bot Script
) Completely redone/new script style
) Now runs differently with a new options/more options
) Thoroughly tested with 50,000+ registered users and on 4 sites.
) Displays stats of bot activity

GeN4 Bug Fixes
) Buyupg.php -> Fixed sql injection vulnerability
) mailer.php -> Fixed timeout/errors with mass mailer
) historysettings.php -> Fixed missing setting to turn on/turn off history showing to members
) ads/chk.php -> Fixed small box which appears when ads are clicked on
)Added data filtering for all input and output.
)Fixed hundreds of other small bugs.

GeN4 0.90 Released
May 23, 2010

GeN4 0.90 is released and ready for download. It has a lot of new features and bug fixes that make it not only the most featured script, but also one of the securest there is. Check it out below . If you want the full change log, it is included with the script download.

*****FEATURE LIST*****
Admin Area
1) Added Ability To Ban IP Addresses
2) Added Display Of Sum Of Total Balances In All Members Accounts
3) Added Refund Policy Activation/Deactivation
4) Added Ability To Allow/Not Allow Members To Change Their Email/Payment Email
5) Added Area To Manage All Users Who Have Rights Associated With Their Account
6) Added Display Of Users Email Addresses Who Manually Cashout
7) Added Display Of Users Date/Time They Manually Requested A Cashout
8 ) Added Turning On/Turning Off Forum Signatures
9) Added Referral Protection Which Gives Admins Options On How They Wish To Display Their Members Ref Links
10) Added Additional Information In Edit Users Area Of Users Signup Date/# Of Rented Refs/# Of Direct/Total Number Of Both

Forum Area
1) Added Ability To Use Signatures In The Forum
2) Added 14 New Animated Smilies
3) Added Favicon Coding In Header
4) Added Display Of Refund Policy In Footer

Themes Area
1) Added Display Of Both PayPal/Alertpay Emails Separately
2) Added Display Of Expire Dates Of Upgrades
3) Changed Lottery From Operating Off Of Balances To Operating Off Of Rental Balances

Fixed Bugs
1) Changed Buying Tickets From Main Balance To Rental Balance
2) Paypal/Alertpay – Fixed The Money Sending But Not Adding To Balance Bug
3) Fixed Cheat Check To Prevent False Results On Login Page
4) Fixed The 0 Seconds Of Not Showing On Ads
5) Fixed Direct Referral error message.
6) Fixed The Cron Errors
7) Fixed Picture Not Showing In The Forum
8 ) Fixed SQL Query To Activate Picture
9) Fixed Secure Admin Area White Screen Issue
10) Fixed Upgrade To Cashout Message Error
11) Fixed Upgrade To Rent Message Error
12) Fixed Banners Page Display Link

The bot system has also been improved and it is much more stable.

GeN4 0.70 Released
April 13, 2010

Hello Everyone,

We had planned to release GeN4 0.60.2 and release 0.70 later, but instead we decided it would be better for the customers to receive 0.70. This version of the script is to be considered close to perfect, issues that have been reported have been addressed, new features added, new security implemented, and the script organization has also been improved. This version has been thoroughly tested and thus should be very close to bug free, if not bug free.

Some great features have been added, including maintenance mode for your website , easily changing site logo , website statistics that can be enabled/disabled, and your site’s ranking at a glance. All new functions are fully implemented in the admin area.

As usual, our customers can find complete change log notes included in this update, as well as instructions for updating their websites.

Thank you for your patience and help.


GeN4 0.40 Released
March 4, 2010

GeN4 PTC Script 0.40 is now completed. This release fixes bugs and stability issues. Our customers can find this download in their client areas, included is an automated upgrading system and instructions. We have also completed a converter from GeN3 to GeN4 which is included.

Thanks to everyone who helped us find issues.

Change Log:

fixed theme problem in cks.php
fixed jackpots in menu.php
fixed megajackpot *100 error in /admin/jackpotsettings.php
fixed alertpay_ipn.php and paypal_ipn.php

fixed free recycle, free renewal, buy refs in buyrefs.php
fixed advertise with gen4 not changing in index.php
fixed minimum ads to maximum ads in buyupg.php
fixed availability in buyrefs.php
fixed division error in register.php
fixed delete upg in admin panel(forum) in admin/users.php
fixed tooltip messages in cashoutsettings file in admin/js/tooltip.js
fixed refresh page when ad viewed in ads.php, cmp.php
fixed Create new advertisement in /admin/newad.php
fixed renew prices for a few values in admin/referralsettings.php

You can purchase GeN4 from

Thank you,

GeN4 0.20 Released
February 13, 2010

GeN4 0.20 is now completed and available for download. Many bugs have been addressed and we are one step closer to creating the ultimate Paid to Click script. If you are a customer you can get this update from your client area. Included are upgrading instructions, a list of changed files, and a file to update your database.

You can order GeN4 from

Thank you for all your reports and help.


GeN4 0.10 Completed
February 6, 2010

GeN4 V0.10 is released with many bug fixes and new functionality. The optional GeN4 bot system is also completed and available though our shop at

New message mysql bug fixed.
Buy referral bug fixed.
Upgrade package bug fixed.
Flags bug fixed.
File paypal_ipn bug fixed.
Rented ref packages fixed.
Color changer can be enabled/disabled.
a standard theme can be set.
Advertise panel add clicks bug fixed.

Delete upgrade packages fixed.
Users country fixed.
Added cashout fee fields.
Added color changer checkbox.
Added default theme field.

You can download it from your client area at GeN4 Customer Area. An upgrade file with instructions is included.