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GeN4 Secure+ (1.0.5) GPT/PTC/Bux Script Released
November 9, 2010


I’ve been analyzing this industry and realized what it needed is improved security. Scripts right now try and protect themselves, but ultimately, they fail. This costs the owners of the sites thousands of dollars. I envisioned a GPT system that was hack proof, solid, and reliable. This vision is now reality.

We’re proud to announce the release of GeN4 1.0.5 later today, which we’ve named GeN4 Security+. This release implements our exclusive advanced security system that we just finished stress testing. There is no other security system in any GPT script(maybe any commercial script) that is this sophisticated and intelligent. It’s time for a change. It’s time for the scripts to fight back.

What our Security+ system does:
-Automated complete banning(user name, email, hostname, etc.) of anyone that even attempts to exploit your site.
-Automated banning of vulnerability scanners.
-Automated banning if anyone tries SQL, XSS, HTML, JavaScript, Tamper Data, or any other type of injection.
-Automated banning of anyone attempting to cheat the system
-Completely configurable from your admin area.
-See everything the system does. You can see who the system banned, when, why, what they tried, etc.
-This system gives you peace of mind about your site security and frees up your time so you can make more money.

In short, every query of the script is passed through this system, thoroughly checked, and than processed. We also optimized this system so that it hardly uses any of your server resources. In fact, it had the surprising ability to speed up queries much of the time.

That’s not all, for this release we’ve also:
-Checked every script query and transaction for vulnerability. Fixed and rewrote any possible exploits.
-Rewrote our rented referral system to make it completely reliable.
-Improved the proxy security and added database logging for events.
-Fixed all bugs and issues reported by sites running GeN4. The script is performing perfectly on sites with over 50,000 users.
-Modified the default CAPTCHA system to be more secure and configurable.
-Improved and secured the built in forum.
-Added more filtering options for all advertisement types, payments, and users.
-Rewrote default text and tooltips to better fit a GPT site.

Those are the major additions, many other small changes have been made to increase usability and improve functionality. As usual, this upgrade is free for our customers.




– Fixed preloaders to inlclude new security system.

root/banned_chk.php ->
– Added displaying of reason and fixed style

– Made default captcha more secure and difficult to bypass.



– fixed hidestatus on registration.

– added code related to lib_security

– added totally new security system for filtering inputs & suspending users.

– obsolete


– Replaced filter system
– secured all user input through lib_security

– added displaying of minimum ads required to click

– fixed bug with vacation mode and sites with no minimum click requirements.

– added BBCode to news,
– fixed slashes in news.
– added encrypted referral link

– added encrypted referral link option.
– fixed IE terms of agreement bug.
– fixed slashes in news.

– added another ip check for proxies.

– Fixed issue with data not being displayed after submit,
– Disallowed usage of referral links in profile page.

– added encrypted referral link option

– fixed broken tags & injection holes.

– fixed broken tags & injection holes

– Fixed javascript issues in ie.

– Fixed javascript issues in ie.

– Fixed major injection holes added more security checks.

– Fixed major injection holes added more security checks.
– fixed bug with graphs not being displayed correctly.

– improved flood filter.

– obsolete


– Replaced filter system.
– fixed issue with slashes being displayed
– added option to filter out referral links.

– completely redone BBcode system.

– added maxmimum message length setting.

– fixed bug with users being able to ban themselves.
– added maximum message length setting.
– fixed possible security hole.

– added security against exploiters.
– added bold name for users.
– added displaying of pending approved items for moderators.
– added system for admin to move around subcategories.
– fixed bug with online users.

– fixed bug where moderator panel would not show up if post approval was disabled.

– fixed bug with post count on deletion.

– improved flood filter.


– replaced links with icons

– added setting for maximum postlength.
– added option to move around subcategories, categories
– added option to edit category names.
– fixed broken tag.
– added option to filter out referral links.

– set suspension to use new system,

– modified to use the new table.

– added advanced settings for default captcha.

– added tooltips for new features.

– added country flags with countryname tooltips

– modified menu for new features.

– added option for proxy banning/suspending
– added option for logging proxies to database.

admin/pre/flinks.php / fads.php / manageads.php / banners.php / prepayments.php / ptsu.php / users.php
– added ordering of data

– added banning/suspending of flooders.
– added configuration of request time


– added backend configuration for new secuirty system.

GeN4 0.92 Stable Release
July 7, 2010


GeN4 0.92 has been released and it is stable. This version has been tested thoroughly on live sites for an extended period of time and all issues that popped up were addressed. It also includes many new features that make your site more attractive to members and advertisers. We’ve also added tools to make your administration experience smoother and to give you more control. Below is the feature list for this version. You can download the script from your client areas and upgrade by following the provided instructions.

Admin Area
1) Added page load time (to be displayed on your site footer)
2) Added page load time (to be displayed on your forum footer)
3) Added ability to display the register’s IP on the register page (shows under country name)
4) Fixed problem of cron option getting unselected
5) Added display of note on users part of admin area to display their suspension
6) Added search filter of searching inactive members
7) Added display of last action on users.php
8 ) Added feature called user notes which allows you to make notes on each member
9) Added display of expiration date of a users upgrade if they have one active (edit users area)
10) Fixed problem of pre-existing showing under false pretenses
11) Changed location of manage user rights to security tab
12) Added new function/area, called banned countries, you can now ban countries from your site
13) Added ability to wildcard IP’s (IP banning), with the use of *
14) Fixed skipping of days when page data is updated
15) Fixed mass mailer bug
16) Added ability to disable right click on the site
17) Added ability to disable right click on the forum
18) Added ability to enable anti flood protection – site
19) Added ability to enable anti flood protection – forum
20) Fixed construction check not staying checked
21) Added display of upgraded status or normal on manual cashout page

1) Added display of forum side, page load time
2) Adjusted join date display
3) Added ability for mods to delete posts
4) Added flood protection

1) Fixed skipping of min. second cashout and going to min. third cashout
2) Added display of site side, page load time
3) Added display of total members on site/forum header with stats
4) Added display of total paid out on site/forum header with stats
5) Changed display of cashout date/text on homepage to allow extra characters and prevent odd movement
6) Added security to prevent a user from getting credit for a 5 sec ad
7) Fixed the advertiser balance bugs (tamper data and negative bug)
8 ) Fixed ad package bugs (cold get free clicks with tampered data, also made more secure)
9) Added AlertPay thank you page
10) Fixed the direct ref limit bug (members could get direct referrals without waiting the proper days)
11) Fixed last action bug in rented referrals
12) Fixed missing ref issue
13) Fixed ability you could still recycle with refs_avail was 0
14) Added redirect page for banned countries
15) Added anti bot/anti auto click protection.
16) Fixed sorting of rented referrals on rreferrals.php
17) Added anti-bot/anti-cheat protection
18) Fixed alignment on ad window when viewing ad (now fits all screens)

1) Secured bs.php to make it more unreachable via direct linking
2) Changed showing on static banner from refs the user has to the total referrals for sale on the site

Purchase the newest version of the script by visiting

Thank you,

GeN4 0.70 Released
April 13, 2010

Hello Everyone,

We had planned to release GeN4 0.60.2 and release 0.70 later, but instead we decided it would be better for the customers to receive 0.70. This version of the script is to be considered close to perfect, issues that have been reported have been addressed, new features added, new security implemented, and the script organization has also been improved. This version has been thoroughly tested and thus should be very close to bug free, if not bug free.

Some great features have been added, including maintenance mode for your website , easily changing site logo , website statistics that can be enabled/disabled, and your site’s ranking at a glance. All new functions are fully implemented in the admin area.

As usual, our customers can find complete change log notes included in this update, as well as instructions for updating their websites.

Thank you for your patience and help.


GeN4 0.20 Released
February 13, 2010

GeN4 0.20 is now completed and available for download. Many bugs have been addressed and we are one step closer to creating the ultimate Paid to Click script. If you are a customer you can get this update from your client area. Included are upgrading instructions, a list of changed files, and a file to update your database.

You can order GeN4 from

Thank you for all your reports and help.


GeN4 PTC Script Released
February 4, 2010

GeN4 is the next script in the GeN series and brings new functionality and security. With the most advanced features ever seen in a commercial paid to click script, as well as unmatched security and control, GeN4 is sure to set the industry standard. The script itself is the product of experience in the PTC/Bux market and aims to make your business trouble free and successful. As usual, GeN4 also comes with free support, access to special areas on our forums, and free script updates.

You can purchase GeN4 from out store and gain instant download access by visiting

GeN4 Features:

– 5 minute installation time.
– Guided setup with an installer.
– Complete support available for any issues.
– Supported by most webhosts.
– No technical knowledge necessary.
– Have a complete site within 5 minutes of purchase.

Administrator Area:
– Complete website control.
– Help for every page and setting.
– Streamlined design and layout.
– All the tools and options you could want to manage your site easily.
– Full management of your customers and advertisers from one place.
– Create multiple administrators with different permissions.
– Check your website income, history, user base, and more at a glance.
– Easily integrate modules into the admin area.
– No coding knowledge necessary.
– Setup the site and it will run on autopilot.
– Automatically updated user accounts after payments.
– Manual or automated payouts available.
– Rent referrals to users and maximize earnings.
– Sell multiple levels of upgrades.
– Profit even more from the built in Jackpots.

User Area:
– Advanced user area.
– Beautiful design in multiple colors.
– Easy registration and account navigation.
– User can customize design colors and more.
– Stunning graphs and data analysis.
– Automatically updated pages depending on admin area setup.
– Completely ready for use. We’ve done all the work.
– Use of advanced technology to give your users a seamless experience.

– Script designed to attract advertisers.
– Complete advertiser panel with statistics and advertisement management.
– Multiple advertising options available including Paid to Click and banner advertising.
– Advanced anti-cheat system. Randomized advertisement URLs and cheat check.
– Powerful management tools include geographic filtering.
– Advertising system designed by advertisers.

– Add and edit anything you’d like.
– Template system included for easy design change.
– Edit all your site options through the admin area.
– Dynamically updated front-end.
– Easily add add-ons and modules.
– Developer friendly directory setup.
– Get in touch with professional coders and designers in our forums.

– Solid script core against hackers and cheaters.
– Enable security options such as secondary passwords, cashout pin, recovery questions, and more.
– View user information, IP address, and more.
– Receive warnings if someone attempts to exploit your site with their IP address.
– Multiple security checks for all procedures and transactions.

Support System:
– Advanced built in forum.
– Built in ticket support system.
– Included mass mailer for newsletters and more.
– Automated password recovery, verification, and more.
– Comes with a complete FAQ that updates itself.
– Included Terms of Service and Privacy pages.

– Accept AlertPay and PayPal.
– Easily add more payment processors.
– Instant payment processing and user updating.
– Secure and reliable payment system.
– Set minimum requirements for purchases and cashouts.
– Complete site currency system.
– Fully featured balance conversion options.

GeN4 is ideal for:
– Anyone wanting to run a profitable advertising site.
– Developers wanting to make money by customizing the script.
– Businesses wishing to expand.
– Webmasters looking for a GPT(Get Paid To) script base.

Warm Regards,

GeN4 is in the Works
August 16, 2009

Yes…Yes..and Yes…You’re not dreaming, GeN4 is really in the works. The plan was to release new revisions of GeN3 and slowly add things, but we changed our mind. After the bugs in GeN3 were addressed, it became apparent that the next step was to add new features that would blow you away- we decided to just revamp the whole thing, all at once. All GeN3 customers will be able to upgrade for free .

What’s new?

Beautiful new design for the user side as well as admin area.

1. Sleek and modern design.
2. Everything is re-designed, including the forums, members area, ad panel, and all pages.

Multiple Layers of protection for users and administrators.
1. Pin code required for all purchases and cashouts, set by the user at first login.
2. Secondary password optional.
3. User can see last IP to login to their account, the location of the IP.
4. User can optionally lock the account to only work for certain IPs/IP Ranges.
5. Other security measures also added, such as forcing users to validate all emails used. (includes account email, PP and AP emails)
6. Admin can choose to block cashouts and purchases by an account if any of the emails were changed in the last X hours.
7. Many more features which I’ll leave for you to discover.

1. Control who can visit the site and access admin area by countries and Ips.
2. Set a secondary password which blocks any actions that modify settings or change data.
3. Choose to re-encrypt all user passwords in the database with a single click.

Viewing Ads has been redone.
1. Bot recognition
2. Fully configurable new anti-cheat after each ad viewing.
3. Different length ads are now possible.
4. New advertiser panel with more options and filtering possibilities.
5.Detailed statistics for advertisers ( according to site views , impression of banners , member clicks, countries who visited, and more.)

Referral system has been modified.
1. You can now either sell by packages, or let users choose the amount. Configurable in the Admin Area.
2. Admin can now set times when the referrals are available for purchase.
3. Recycled referrals are re-checked before being put back into the system.
4. Admin can now set the maximum clicks a person may receive from rented as well as direct referrals.
5. How much a person receives from a down line click and how many max ads they can be credited for are now
much more modifiable.
6. Other options requested by customers have also been implemented.
7. Is is now possible to queue for referral purchase.

1. It is now possible to create as many jackpots as you’d like and name them whatever you want.
2.You can now configure the system to randomly pick a winner, or let you choose who wins.
3. The jackpot system has also been re-designed.

Built in Forums
1. New layout.
2. More functions including signature, etc.
3. More durable and uses less resources.

1. Analyzed all functions and removed any chance of SQL injections or attacks.
2. Added all kinds of protection in multiple layers, active on every page.
3. Almost everything is now encrypted in the database. This includes balances, passwords, usernames, emails, and any other sensitive data. This data can now only be edited from the admin area, which is also protected by multiple layers of security.
4. Made sure the script functions on many different types of hosting packages, including on localhost for development.

Login and Registration
1. Captcha now randomly changes length and background image.
2. Virtual keyboard added to login page.
3. Password recovery can now also be done through security questions.

This list does not include all changes and new features, only the biggest ones. More to be added to this list as development continues. Purchasing GeN3 is the same as pre-ordering GeN4. Release date to be announced soon.

Until release, you may use the following coupon code for a 15% discount: “GeN4Promotion” . This coupon will not be usable once GeN4 is released.