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GeN4 0.70 Released
April 13, 2010

Hello Everyone,

We had planned to release GeN4 0.60.2 and release 0.70 later, but instead we decided it would be better for the customers to receive 0.70. This version of the script is to be considered close to perfect, issues that have been reported have been addressed, new features added, new security implemented, and the script organization has also been improved. This version has been thoroughly tested and thus should be very close to bug free, if not bug free.

Some great features have been added, including maintenance mode for your website , easily changing site logo , website statistics that can be enabled/disabled, and your site’s ranking at a glance. All new functions are fully implemented in the admin area.

As usual, our customers can find complete change log notes included in this update, as well as instructions for updating their websites.

Thank you for your patience and help.


GeN4 Bux Script 0.30 Release
February 17, 2010

GeN4 0.30 is now completed. This release fixes bugs and stability issues. Our customers can find this download in their client areas, included are upgrade instructions.

Change Log:

Fixed dreferrals.php
Fixed max tickets in rlottery.php
Fixed max tickets in mlottery.php
Fixed max tickets in mrlottery.php
Fixed max tickets in lottery.php
Fixed errors in cashout.php
Fixed errors in alertpay_ipn.php
Fixed errors in paypal_ipn.php
Fixed discount in buyrefs.php
Fixed errors in modules/autopay/alertpay.php
Fixed settings in admin/pre/cashoutsettings.php
Fixed the change theme problem in admin/pre/design.php
Fixed the change theme problem in admin/pre/js.php
Fixed the error in the installer in install/mysql_data.php
Changed lib/configuration.php to fix the megajackpot
Fixed the lib/cron-update.php to make the crons work without the invalid license.

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