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GeN4 0.90 Released
May 23, 2010

GeN4 0.90 is released and ready for download. It has a lot of new features and bug fixes that make it not only the most featured script, but also one of the securest there is. Check it out below . If you want the full change log, it is included with the script download.

*****FEATURE LIST*****
Admin Area
1) Added Ability To Ban IP Addresses
2) Added Display Of Sum Of Total Balances In All Members Accounts
3) Added Refund Policy Activation/Deactivation
4) Added Ability To Allow/Not Allow Members To Change Their Email/Payment Email
5) Added Area To Manage All Users Who Have Rights Associated With Their Account
6) Added Display Of Users Email Addresses Who Manually Cashout
7) Added Display Of Users Date/Time They Manually Requested A Cashout
8 ) Added Turning On/Turning Off Forum Signatures
9) Added Referral Protection Which Gives Admins Options On How They Wish To Display Their Members Ref Links
10) Added Additional Information In Edit Users Area Of Users Signup Date/# Of Rented Refs/# Of Direct/Total Number Of Both

Forum Area
1) Added Ability To Use Signatures In The Forum
2) Added 14 New Animated Smilies
3) Added Favicon Coding In Header
4) Added Display Of Refund Policy In Footer

Themes Area
1) Added Display Of Both PayPal/Alertpay Emails Separately
2) Added Display Of Expire Dates Of Upgrades
3) Changed Lottery From Operating Off Of Balances To Operating Off Of Rental Balances

Fixed Bugs
1) Changed Buying Tickets From Main Balance To Rental Balance
2) Paypal/Alertpay – Fixed The Money Sending But Not Adding To Balance Bug
3) Fixed Cheat Check To Prevent False Results On Login Page
4) Fixed The 0 Seconds Of Not Showing On Ads
5) Fixed Direct Referral error message.
6) Fixed The Cron Errors
7) Fixed Picture Not Showing In The Forum
8 ) Fixed SQL Query To Activate Picture
9) Fixed Secure Admin Area White Screen Issue
10) Fixed Upgrade To Cashout Message Error
11) Fixed Upgrade To Rent Message Error
12) Fixed Banners Page Display Link

The bot system has also been improved and it is much more stable.

GeN4 Bux Script 0.30 Release
February 17, 2010

GeN4 0.30 is now completed. This release fixes bugs and stability issues. Our customers can find this download in their client areas, included are upgrade instructions.

Change Log:

Fixed dreferrals.php
Fixed max tickets in rlottery.php
Fixed max tickets in mlottery.php
Fixed max tickets in mrlottery.php
Fixed max tickets in lottery.php
Fixed errors in cashout.php
Fixed errors in alertpay_ipn.php
Fixed errors in paypal_ipn.php
Fixed discount in buyrefs.php
Fixed errors in modules/autopay/alertpay.php
Fixed settings in admin/pre/cashoutsettings.php
Fixed the change theme problem in admin/pre/design.php
Fixed the change theme problem in admin/pre/js.php
Fixed the error in the installer in install/mysql_data.php
Changed lib/configuration.php to fix the megajackpot
Fixed the lib/cron-update.php to make the crons work without the invalid license.

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