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  • 11/17/2017 - GeN4 1.52 Coming Soon!!
  • Hello Community, I'm busy working on the new release, every day draws closer to its release. I'm excited, ... are you? :) Thanks Robert Legoo PTCPay - Admin
  • 09/25/2014 - Welcome to
  • I am always available for assistance if you need help. We have an excellent forum support group which grows daily when new talent joins our community. I am reachable via email: Or on the forum: -- Thanks Robert Legoo PTCPay General Manager
  • 09/25/2014 - GeN4 Version 1.49 Released
  • The newest release in the GeN4 script series has arrived. GeN4 1.49 adds new offer programs, paid to promote functions, and many other new advancements and improvements. ...