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Term Definition
GPT This stands for Get Paid To. Your customers are getting paid to complete offers, view advertisements, ect.
Host Your host is the company you will go through to receive online services. Most hosts do not allow PTC/GPT type websites on their shared services. recommends the use of a VPS server.
PTC This stands for Paid to Click. Your customers are being paid to click on advertisements, ect.
Shared/Shared Hosting Shared/Shared Hosting referrers to sharing the machine with other users, including resources, and IP. Shared hosting is not recommended with GeN4, but can be used if the host allows it and it has the correct settings/modules.
Source Guardian a. Source Guardian is the type of encoding system the script uses.

b. The three common script encoders are; ioncube, zend, and source guardian.

c. Source Guardian can be enabled in WHM via EasyApache -> Php Extensions.

d. Source Guardian can be enabled (in some systems) via CPanel, in the Php Selection area.
    There will be a list of extensions if your host offers this.

e. Source Guardian can be installed by contacting your host.
VPS This stands for Virtual Private Server/Virtual Personal Server. A VPS gives you full control over the server. You will be able to fully utilize GeN4 using a VPS server.
WHM This stands for Web Host Manager. It will allow you to manage your server by a control panel. This panel will give you full control over the behavior of the machine.