Jailbreak - A Lighter Version


Freedom of the Ultimate License Without the Cost.

For Lifetime License holders who wish to step outside of the regular way the script operates.


Why Should I Jailbreak GeN4?

All Annual and Lifetime versions of GeN4 operate on our live license system which is connected via API. This connects us to each website which operates our product and unfortunately, has some limitations which come with it.

If you have hundreds (250+) of visitors at once, our system may register it as a flood attempt due to over connectivity. Because the license system is live, you can not run on localhost or WAMP unless you have the Ultimate License. Also, with direct API connection, it is our responsibility to keep everyone operational as licenses hit our server for validation as well as security verification's.

Operating Jailbroken removes the above restrictions and allows you to have additional freedom with the script which is normally locked to Ultimate License holders only. Your existing license is always still valid so once/if the Jailbroken files expire, you can simply upload the usual files and be back operational within minutes.

* The duration of time the script is Jailbroken is 1 year.
* Source Guardian is still required to operate Jailbroken.
* Jailbroken files are locked to your registered site URL and localhost.
* This service is reserved for customers who have a valid GeN4 Lifetime License.

$49 - Jailbreak


Gain Additional Speed

Without connection to the live API license system, the script has less connections and checking happening which will decrease page load time.

Ability to Run on localhost or WAMP

Usually the use of localhost or WAMP is limited to the Ultimate License but with Jailbroken files, you have freedom to operate offline.

Responsibility for Uptime

Without connection to the API, you will be responsible for uptime when running Jailbroken as our system has no bearing on your site being up.