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Below are the most commonly asked questions we have received over the years. If you have a question which is not answered here or believe we should add an additional FAQ about a topic, please notify us.
What are the server requirements required to operate GeN4 Security+?


  • PHP Version 5.6.38 (final release)
  • Source Guardian
  • cURL
  • Cron
  • PHP Short Tags Enabled
  • Gd Image Library with TTF Support
  • Mbstring
  • PHP - Calendar
  • SQL_MODE - Strict Mode Off
    Note: MariaDB 10.2.4 has this enabled default one some machines (STRICT_TRANS_TABLES) and must be disabled for the script to properly function.
    Note: MySQL 5.7 - 8.0.11 has this enabled default on some machines (STRICT_TRANS_TABLES) and must be disabled for the script to properly function.


  • PHP Version 7.1
  • Source Guardian
  • cURL
  • Cron
  • PHP Short Tags Enabled
  • Gd Image Library with TTF Support
  • Mbstring
  • PHP - Calendar
  • Mcrypt - (soon to be Sodium)
  • Mhash PHP Module
  • SQL_MODE - Strict Mode Off
    Note: MariaDB 10.2.4 has this enabled default on some machines (STRICT_TRANS_TABLES) and must be disabled for the script to properly function.
    Note: MySQL 5.7 - 8.0.11 has this enabled default on some machines (STRICT_TRANS_TABLES) and must be disabled for the script to properly function.

You can operate this on shared hosting, VPS, or on a dedicated server.
We recommend a VPS server with Cpanel over Plesk or Direct Admin control panels.
What Php functions does the script use?

Enable in WHM -> Service Configuration -> PHP Configuration Editor -> Advanced Mode

  • exec
  • shell_exec
  • curl_init (IPN Functions
  • gd_info
  • mcrypt_encrypt (Encoding Keys)
  • ini_set
  • getenv
  • ini_get (Checks if modules which are needed are active)
  • allow_url_fopen (reCAPTCHA)
  • ob_start
  • getcwd()
- You can also modify your php.ini file to accept the above Php functions.
- If you are on shared hosting or semi/managed hosting, you can contact your host for assistance with this.
- Not having the above functions enabled could limit your useage of GeN4.
What version of the script are you currently on?
Version 1.52 is the current release.
1.52 was released on; 10/30/2018
Is there any differences in coding between the three types of packages?
The annual and lifetime scripts are the same. The only difference between them is the duration of time the license is valid for. They both have three encoded files. The ultimate license however is different. There is no licensing with it, no need to ever purchase additional update/download access, and also there is no encoding on any pages. This means you will not need the required source guardian loaders to run the script and also you will not be connected with the PTCPay licensing system with each ping requested. You are then able to operate as many GeN4 sites as you wish as well, but must always report your sites to us for manual addition to the license system.
I live in a country which does not allow Paypal. Can I purchase via a credit card?
You can use Paypal without having a Paypal account and pay with a credit card. There is an excellent tutorial about this subject Here
What payment methods do you accept for product purchases?
You can use Paypal through our store or we accept other forms of payment as well which are listed Here You can also use a credit or debit card using Paypal even if you do not have an existing account with them. We also accept payment in the form of Changex, personal/cashier checks, money orders, bank transfers, Western Union, or Money Gram. If you wish to pay by any method besides Paypal, please contact us "Prior" to purchasing so we can pass you instructions.
Does the script come with a domain name or with hosting?
The script does not come with a domain or with hosting. I suggest for your domain you purchase it out right and manage it via the place you purchased it at. Many times hosts who offer a free domain name end up owning the domain name for 90 days. This means if you leave their services, they still own that, and technically can sell it to you at any price they would like. For hosting, I recommend copy/pasting the server requirements above to each place your interested in and getting a response if their service is proper for your service.
What level of support is provided after purchase and for how long?
If you ever have any questions that come up, you can always contact us via email or reach out on the forum. You can drop a support ticket directly to us from your admin area as well. Reply's are handled within 24 hours of receiving or less and may/may not require Skype for technical support depending on the issue. You will receive support for the duration of your license with us which is hopefully forever. You must keep your GeN4 script up to date with updates, patches, and new releases to receive proper tech support as we operate off of the latest release and base our troubleshooting off of its performance.
What is the perferred web hosting control panel you recommend using?
We always recommend using WHM with CPanel however, using Plesk, DirectAdmin, or Webmin will work perfectly fine. As long as it uses PHP and can handle the minimum necessary settings to operate, the script will run.
Do I have to gather advertisers and members by myself?
As with any/all advertising businesses, it is the responsibility of the business to gather advertisers and build a member base. Reaching out to potential advertisers is essential in any advertising business. Your member base will build naturally but if you advertise your site, it will grow faster.
How should I use GeN4?
GeN4 should be used as an advertising business. You are the middle man between the advertiser and the potential customer. The script has investment type options as well which are optional to use, such as referral rental and account upgrades. You are the connection point between the advertiser and the target they are trying to reach with their product or service. Make sure you always run your site as an advertising site first, and if you decide to use the investment options they should be controlled by the many related settings in your administrator area.
My site is showing a message about a license problem?
If you have changed hosts, changed domains, updated/changed/added names servers, edited DNS, or updated the site IP address, you will experience an error message which will notify you of a problem with the licensing of your GeN4 product. This is normal and due to it pinged our system with pre-existing/locked/logged data which did not match the new configuration. This is addressed by logging into your PTCPay Client Area and set your GeN4 license at reissue status. Once you have done this, click the reissue link showing on your homepage. You will then refresh the data on our server and the site will be running again.
Can I upgrade my license type after purchase?
You can upgrade an annual license to a lifetime license for the $100 difference if the annual license is less than 6 months old. If the license is greater than 6 months old, you will need to pay the full price in order to upgrade. If an annual license is renewed, within 6 months of doing so, you also can upgrade your license type for the additional $100. With upgrading to the ultimate license, any license type can do this and the current license type they have will be deducted from the total price of the ultimate license.
What if I need a page edited which is encoded?
Allthough we do not encoded many pages in GeN4, if you need a page edited which is encoded, we are available for hire at $25/hour (minimum one hour charge) for such tasks. Most of the time, this situation will not occur, however if you get into major customization and it does, we are willing to work with you to make it perform as you wish.
Can GeN4 be used on localhost with WampServer or a similar product?
The Ultimate license will function with WampServer or localhost. Operating the Lifetime License with Jailbroken will also allow you to utilize such features.
Do you offer installation, how much does it cost, and what does installation cover?


  • Installing all the files from the script on your server
  • Placing proper file permission on required files
  • Installing the database (creation of a mysql database/username if necessary)
  • Setting up of the Cron job/making sure it and the time in the script match
I purchased script installation, what do I do now?


  • Your site URL
  • Your CPanel or similar panel login data
  • Your PhpMyAdmin login details (if it is locked or has a seperate login)
  • Your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) instructions (if using an encrpted connection or special connection port)
  • Your desired email address you would like your cron job mailed to
  • Your GeN4 license from your PTCPay Client Area
I purchased the script, but I received NO download link ... how do I receive my product(s)?
ALL orders are manually approved for security purposes. We are notified by email when a transaction occurs and approval usually takes less then a couple hours. Due to we are are based in the United States, and sell internationally, there will be times when approval will take longer then expected. This is ONLY due to the tech support/sales support being away from their PC. We do not let orders stay in a pending state, hence as soon as someone returns, your order will be approved. When that happens, you will be notified by the email address you provided when you placed your order.
I purchased the Annual/Lifetime version, why does it say my download access has expired?
Unless you are an Ultimate license holder, your download access is only vaild for 6 months from the date it is activated. You can extend your access for $39 which will grant you an additional 6 months of download/upgrade access. Additional time can be purchased via your client area when it expires.
I received an invoice emailed to me from
Our system automatically generates account invoices when a license expires and emails it to you, which you agree to in our terms of services as well as our privacy policy prior to purchase with us. If you are no longer using our software and you would like to be removed from our database, simply contact us at; support [ at ] from the email address which you used upon registration and request account removal. If you no longer have access to this email, using other account data, we should be able to verify your idenity and fullfill your request.
Will you delete my account and information you've stored if I request it to be?
Absolutely! First of all we do not, nor will we ever, sell your data/recorded information. What is stored is necessary and nothing beyond that is requested or recorded. We do not store any payment information beyond your Paypal email and trans ID which is recorded upon purchase through our store. With that said, if you ever wish to part ways with our services and be completely removed from our system, you can do so by contacting me at; support [ at ] You will have to use the same email which is registered with your account to request this task. I will then send a separate email (not a reply) to that address with a verification code to finalize removal from our system to ensure security. Once that is relayed back to me from the same email address, I will begin deletion of your requested data. This process is performed 100% manually for quality control and takes roughly 48 hours after a request is verified to be finalized. Once removal is complete, you will receive a confirmation email regarding your data flush.
I've heard the script has had bugs?
Bugs happen from time to time in EVERY script/site world wide and they are inevitable.
They most often occur in any type of environment where;

1) Development is constant
2) Multiple operating systems are used
3) It is used globally
4) The script is technical/Not a basic run of the mill script

Companies such as Sony and Microsoft who have some of the highest paid, best coders in the world with multiple education backgrounds in computer science create bugs. The creators of the very language which we use, Php, has a changelog which shows that even the professionals who create the language which is used by 81.9% of all the websites in existence online, create bugs. When a bug happens and it is reported, it is addressed. Personally I can not stand bugs and am more than willing to squash any which may come up.
If I find a bug who do I report it to and how?
If you encounter a bug, please contact Robert at; robert [ at ]
We will always do our best to take care of any issues which come in with in the script.
Please include the following information;

1) A full description of the bug, if there is an error code being thrown please list that also.
2) The URL of the bug as well as if you need to be logged in or logged out or both to replicate it.
3) The process you were doing when you triggered the bug.
What script add-ons do you have available?

Offerwall System - Click for more infomation!

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Jailbreak License - Click for more infomation!