Offerwall System - Paying Offers


What is the Offerwall System?
Imagine adding hundreds of advertisers who provide offers for your clientele to complete. That is what this system does. We have integrated 10 of the largest offer systems online into one add-on which makes GeN4 operate automatically. This is due to the offers being completed are all filtered by the companies who offer them, meaning if the client correctly completes the offer, they are credited on your site and if they do not, the system will pick this up and not credit them. Each offer your members complete, you are paid by the advertiser a portion of the revenue.

Can I Add Additional Offerwalls?
Yes, you can. If you wish us to do it for you, we can provide you with a bid upon request.

How many offers are available?
The amount of offers varies based on availability, program, and other demographic settings. We suggest using more than one, so we provided 10 to choose from.
Where do I buy this?
This is not purchasable. It is included in the script for no additional charge! We want each site to succeed and the only way to do that is to provide some type of advertising structure which can be utilized for no cost to you. Each of the companies in the line up do not charge you to become a publisher and qualifying is a very straight forward process. Your members complete offers and you get paid. You are their middle man between the advertiser and the potential clientele your site provides so they need you as much as you need them. It really is a great partnership, and we did all the work for you.

Do I have to use this?
No, but we strongly recommend using this system if you want to have a great source of revenue from your site.

Are there instructions to get setup?
In the admin area of the script where you activate each program there are instructions to get everything working. The offerwall sites also provide directions for use.
What programs are included in the offer lineup?
  • SuperRewards
  • Paymentwall
  • CPALead
  • Wannads
  • Matomy
  • Adworkmedia
  • CPAGrip
  • Virool
  • Offertoro
  • Each has a postback script for it which credits instantly upon an offer being completed, as well as massive security to ensure accurate results.