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GeN3 1.3 Release Notes
June 26, 2009

Hello Everyone,

After extensive testing and much rebuilding of the script, GeN3 1.3 is released. Access to the script is restricted for customers that purchased GeN3 1.2.1, they may download the script from their client area.

Everyone will be able to buy the new script starting June 26th, . The store will not be open for new purchases until that date. Keep reading for more information, as well as a list of all the fixes and features added to GeN3.

List of Fixes+ New Features:

-Completely rebuilt the Autopayment system, as well as the instant payment processing. It is now 100% stable and secure.
-Added security against SQL injections of all kinds, as well as prevention against users cheating the system to gain balance.
-Redid the Autopayment section in the administration panel.
-Lowered the amount of queries executed when a user creates a purchase.
-Fully integrated PayPal and Alertpay’s updated API.

-Fixed all issues concerning referral link malfunctions.
-Fixed all issues concerning balance not crediting properly.
-Fixed issues with direct referrals showing up as rented referrals and vice-versa.
-Added better anti-cheat detection.
-Fixed all issues with referrals not expiring properly.
-Fixed all issues with referral recycling.
-Fixed all issues with referral discounts and upgrade packages.
-Redid some sections of the referral system for better execution.
-Stopped script from wasting server resources by checking for rented referrals every page load, it now checks once a day.

-Upgrade packages now credit automatically and properly.
-Fixed issues with upgrade packages not expiring correctly.
-Fixed all problems with upgrade packages and jackpots.
-Optimized the upgrade system to be more robust.

-Optimized user control panel for speed.
-Fixed all problems with broken links and images.
-Added the possibility to make users moderators in the forums.
-Optimized user tables inside the database.
-Fixed vulnerabilities which could potentially allow password theft.
-Added new features and information in the administration panel about each user.

-Fixed all bugs concerning avatars and ranks not showing properly.
-Fixed an issue that caused images not to resize properly.
-Fixed an issue that made the codebox not function properly.
-Fixed an issue which made moderators and admins not have the correct powers.
-Added options in admin panel for admin to make/unmake users moderators/admins easily.
-Fixed code which caused the forum to perform excessive queries.
-Fixed the forum footer not masking/unmasking banner advertising when selected/unselected inside the admin panel.
-Fixed issues with forum colors not properly showing.

Ticket System:
-Fixed a problem which allowed users to submit a ticket without being logged in or providing an email.
-Made it so that the administrator can reply to users directly from the admin panel.
-Added a built in mailer into the admin panel. Admin may also email any user he chooses simply by clicking his username.
-Fixed an issue with tickets not deleting properly.
-Fixed an issue which allowed SQL injection through the ticket form.

Banner Page:
-Completely redid the banner page to be more useful and better looking.
-Added an example banner to the banner page.
-Added useful “code selection boxes” to make copying referral links easier.

Typos and Aesthetics:
-Replaced some icons with better looking ones.
-Fixed the icons for the forum as well as the index.
-Changed colors for the default GeN3 theme.
-Changed the default GeN3 logo.
-Fixed typos throughout the site, and the code comments.

-Added password requirements under the password field.
-Improved the way the CAPTCHA looks.
-Made the background image for the CAPTCHA change randomly.

-Improved the way the CAPTCHA looks.
-Randomized the CAPTCHA background image.

-Fixed issues with graphs displaying balance improperly.
-Fixed issues with graphs mixing days.

-Fixed problems with the history displaying the wrong dates.

-Improved the advertisement frame.
-Made the advertisement system display an error when users tried to view an ad multiple times.
-Fixed an issue causing the anti-cheat system to malfunction.
-Fixed an issue causing the advertising filter to malfunction.

-Improved the script performance.
-Improved hacker protection.
-Provided a proxy blocking script free of charge.
This list does not have every fix in this release included.


User demo:

Feel free to register.

Admin Demo:

Username: admin
Password: Dopy1234

You can see all the settings, but changing them is disabled in the demo.