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GeN4 is in the Works
August 16, 2009

Yes…Yes..and Yes…You’re not dreaming, GeN4 is really in the works. The plan was to release new revisions of GeN3 and slowly add things, but we changed our mind. After the bugs in GeN3 were addressed, it became apparent that the next step was to add new features that would blow you away- we decided to just revamp the whole thing, all at once. All GeN3 customers will be able to upgrade for free .

What’s new?

Beautiful new design for the user side as well as admin area.

1. Sleek and modern design.
2. Everything is re-designed, including the forums, members area, ad panel, and all pages.

Multiple Layers of protection for users and administrators.
1. Pin code required for all purchases and cashouts, set by the user at first login.
2. Secondary password optional.
3. User can see last IP to login to their account, the location of the IP.
4. User can optionally lock the account to only work for certain IPs/IP Ranges.
5. Other security measures also added, such as forcing users to validate all emails used. (includes account email, PP and AP emails)
6. Admin can choose to block cashouts and purchases by an account if any of the emails were changed in the last X hours.
7. Many more features which I’ll leave for you to discover.

1. Control who can visit the site and access admin area by countries and Ips.
2. Set a secondary password which blocks any actions that modify settings or change data.
3. Choose to re-encrypt all user passwords in the database with a single click.

Viewing Ads has been redone.
1. Bot recognition
2. Fully configurable new anti-cheat after each ad viewing.
3. Different length ads are now possible.
4. New advertiser panel with more options and filtering possibilities.
5.Detailed statistics for advertisers ( according to site views , impression of banners , member clicks, countries who visited, and more.)

Referral system has been modified.
1. You can now either sell by packages, or let users choose the amount. Configurable in the Admin Area.
2. Admin can now set times when the referrals are available for purchase.
3. Recycled referrals are re-checked before being put back into the system.
4. Admin can now set the maximum clicks a person may receive from rented as well as direct referrals.
5. How much a person receives from a down line click and how many max ads they can be credited for are now
much more modifiable.
6. Other options requested by customers have also been implemented.
7. Is is now possible to queue for referral purchase.

1. It is now possible to create as many jackpots as you’d like and name them whatever you want.
2.You can now configure the system to randomly pick a winner, or let you choose who wins.
3. The jackpot system has also been re-designed.

Built in Forums
1. New layout.
2. More functions including signature, etc.
3. More durable and uses less resources.

1. Analyzed all functions and removed any chance of SQL injections or attacks.
2. Added all kinds of protection in multiple layers, active on every page.
3. Almost everything is now encrypted in the database. This includes balances, passwords, usernames, emails, and any other sensitive data. This data can now only be edited from the admin area, which is also protected by multiple layers of security.
4. Made sure the script functions on many different types of hosting packages, including on localhost for development.

Login and Registration
1. Captcha now randomly changes length and background image.
2. Virtual keyboard added to login page.
3. Password recovery can now also be done through security questions.

This list does not include all changes and new features, only the biggest ones. More to be added to this list as development continues. Purchasing GeN3 is the same as pre-ordering GeN4. Release date to be announced soon.

Until release, you may use the following coupon code for a 15% discount: “GeN4Promotion” . This coupon will not be usable once GeN4 is released.