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GeN4 Bux Script 0.30 Release
February 17, 2010

GeN4 0.30 is now completed. This release fixes bugs and stability issues. Our customers can find this download in their client areas, included are upgrade instructions.

Change Log:

Fixed dreferrals.php
Fixed max tickets in rlottery.php
Fixed max tickets in mlottery.php
Fixed max tickets in mrlottery.php
Fixed max tickets in lottery.php
Fixed errors in cashout.php
Fixed errors in alertpay_ipn.php
Fixed errors in paypal_ipn.php
Fixed discount in buyrefs.php
Fixed errors in modules/autopay/alertpay.php
Fixed settings in admin/pre/cashoutsettings.php
Fixed the change theme problem in admin/pre/design.php
Fixed the change theme problem in admin/pre/js.php
Fixed the error in the installer in install/mysql_data.php
Changed lib/configuration.php to fix the megajackpot
Fixed the lib/cron-update.php to make the crons work without the invalid license.

To purchase GeN4, visit

GeN4 0.20 Released
February 13, 2010

GeN4 0.20 is now completed and available for download. Many bugs have been addressed and we are one step closer to creating the ultimate Paid to Click script. If you are a customer you can get this update from your client area. Included are upgrading instructions, a list of changed files, and a file to update your database.

You can order GeN4 from

Thank you for all your reports and help.


GeN4 0.10 Completed
February 6, 2010

GeN4 V0.10 is released with many bug fixes and new functionality. The optional GeN4 bot system is also completed and available though our shop at

New message mysql bug fixed.
Buy referral bug fixed.
Upgrade package bug fixed.
Flags bug fixed.
File paypal_ipn bug fixed.
Rented ref packages fixed.
Color changer can be enabled/disabled.
a standard theme can be set.
Advertise panel add clicks bug fixed.

Delete upgrade packages fixed.
Users country fixed.
Added cashout fee fields.
Added color changer checkbox.
Added default theme field.

You can download it from your client area at GeN4 Customer Area. An upgrade file with instructions is included.

GeN4 PTC Script Released
February 4, 2010

GeN4 is the next script in the GeN series and brings new functionality and security. With the most advanced features ever seen in a commercial paid to click script, as well as unmatched security and control, GeN4 is sure to set the industry standard. The script itself is the product of experience in the PTC/Bux market and aims to make your business trouble free and successful. As usual, GeN4 also comes with free support, access to special areas on our forums, and free script updates.

You can purchase GeN4 from out store and gain instant download access by visiting

GeN4 Features:

– 5 minute installation time.
– Guided setup with an installer.
– Complete support available for any issues.
– Supported by most webhosts.
– No technical knowledge necessary.
– Have a complete site within 5 minutes of purchase.

Administrator Area:
– Complete website control.
– Help for every page and setting.
– Streamlined design and layout.
– All the tools and options you could want to manage your site easily.
– Full management of your customers and advertisers from one place.
– Create multiple administrators with different permissions.
– Check your website income, history, user base, and more at a glance.
– Easily integrate modules into the admin area.
– No coding knowledge necessary.
– Setup the site and it will run on autopilot.
– Automatically updated user accounts after payments.
– Manual or automated payouts available.
– Rent referrals to users and maximize earnings.
– Sell multiple levels of upgrades.
– Profit even more from the built in Jackpots.

User Area:
– Advanced user area.
– Beautiful design in multiple colors.
– Easy registration and account navigation.
– User can customize design colors and more.
– Stunning graphs and data analysis.
– Automatically updated pages depending on admin area setup.
– Completely ready for use. We’ve done all the work.
– Use of advanced technology to give your users a seamless experience.

– Script designed to attract advertisers.
– Complete advertiser panel with statistics and advertisement management.
– Multiple advertising options available including Paid to Click and banner advertising.
– Advanced anti-cheat system. Randomized advertisement URLs and cheat check.
– Powerful management tools include geographic filtering.
– Advertising system designed by advertisers.

– Add and edit anything you’d like.
– Template system included for easy design change.
– Edit all your site options through the admin area.
– Dynamically updated front-end.
– Easily add add-ons and modules.
– Developer friendly directory setup.
– Get in touch with professional coders and designers in our forums.

– Solid script core against hackers and cheaters.
– Enable security options such as secondary passwords, cashout pin, recovery questions, and more.
– View user information, IP address, and more.
– Receive warnings if someone attempts to exploit your site with their IP address.
– Multiple security checks for all procedures and transactions.

Support System:
– Advanced built in forum.
– Built in ticket support system.
– Included mass mailer for newsletters and more.
– Automated password recovery, verification, and more.
– Comes with a complete FAQ that updates itself.
– Included Terms of Service and Privacy pages.

– Accept AlertPay and PayPal.
– Easily add more payment processors.
– Instant payment processing and user updating.
– Secure and reliable payment system.
– Set minimum requirements for purchases and cashouts.
– Complete site currency system.
– Fully featured balance conversion options.

GeN4 is ideal for:
– Anyone wanting to run a profitable advertising site.
– Developers wanting to make money by customizing the script.
– Businesses wishing to expand.
– Webmasters looking for a GPT(Get Paid To) script base.

Warm Regards,