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GeN4 0.50 Released- GeN4 is now Stable
March 26, 2010


GeN4 0.50 is now completed, and GeN4 is now out of beta and into the Stable stage. This means we believe you can safely run a site with the script in this state.

The new release addresses many issues and adds much improved security. Current customers can now download it from their client area. Included are upgrade instructions and the full Change log.

Below are the important updates:

- suspend all cheaters with the ref bug.
- added many security checks.
- fixed some messages not showing.
- added security against SQL injections and hacking attempts.
- cleaned up the input boxes.
- secured the currency system.
- fixed the referral issues.
- fixed AlertPay issues.
- fixed the payment title when paying with PayPal for banners.
- fixed the last action bug.
- added an error message when ad limit is reached.
- added ad limit check.
- removed the no ref messages when you have referrals.
- fixed the counter.
- fixed the premium message, now only show premium only ads and not standard and upgrade combined.
- fixed the add advertiser balance in ie8
- support tickets minimum length added.
- fixed not updating fields correctly.
- added some extra text to refs available.
- optimized cron setup.
- added ability to disable register page.
- fixed the pp total paid stat
- added disable site function
-added SQL injection filters
- added function to view sent ticket IP addresses.
- added function to select all tickets for deletion.
-optimized licensing to eliminate downtime.

You can purchase GeN4 by visiting our store at To celebrate the release of the first Stable version, you can use the coupon Stable0.50 for 5% off.

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GeN4 0.40 Released
March 4, 2010

GeN4 PTC Script 0.40 is now completed. This release fixes bugs and stability issues. Our customers can find this download in their client areas, included is an automated upgrading system and instructions. We have also completed a converter from GeN3 to GeN4 which is included.

Thanks to everyone who helped us find issues.

Change Log:

fixed theme problem in cks.php
fixed jackpots in menu.php
fixed megajackpot *100 error in /admin/jackpotsettings.php
fixed alertpay_ipn.php and paypal_ipn.php

fixed free recycle, free renewal, buy refs in buyrefs.php
fixed advertise with gen4 not changing in index.php
fixed minimum ads to maximum ads in buyupg.php
fixed availability in buyrefs.php
fixed division error in register.php
fixed delete upg in admin panel(forum) in admin/users.php
fixed tooltip messages in cashoutsettings file in admin/js/tooltip.js
fixed refresh page when ad viewed in ads.php, cmp.php
fixed Create new advertisement in /admin/newad.php
fixed renew prices for a few values in admin/referralsettings.php

You can purchase GeN4 from

Thank you,