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GeN4 0.92 Stable Release
July 7, 2010


GeN4 0.92 has been released and it is stable. This version has been tested thoroughly on live sites for an extended period of time and all issues that popped up were addressed. It also includes many new features that make your site more attractive to members and advertisers. We’ve also added tools to make your administration experience smoother and to give you more control. Below is the feature list for this version. You can download the script from your client areas and upgrade by following the provided instructions.

Admin Area
1) Added page load time (to be displayed on your site footer)
2) Added page load time (to be displayed on your forum footer)
3) Added ability to display the register’s IP on the register page (shows under country name)
4) Fixed problem of cron option getting unselected
5) Added display of note on users part of admin area to display their suspension
6) Added search filter of searching inactive members
7) Added display of last action on users.php
8 ) Added feature called user notes which allows you to make notes on each member
9) Added display of expiration date of a users upgrade if they have one active (edit users area)
10) Fixed problem of pre-existing showing under false pretenses
11) Changed location of manage user rights to security tab
12) Added new function/area, called banned countries, you can now ban countries from your site
13) Added ability to wildcard IP’s (IP banning), with the use of *
14) Fixed skipping of days when page data is updated
15) Fixed mass mailer bug
16) Added ability to disable right click on the site
17) Added ability to disable right click on the forum
18) Added ability to enable anti flood protection – site
19) Added ability to enable anti flood protection – forum
20) Fixed construction check not staying checked
21) Added display of upgraded status or normal on manual cashout page

1) Added display of forum side, page load time
2) Adjusted join date display
3) Added ability for mods to delete posts
4) Added flood protection

1) Fixed skipping of min. second cashout and going to min. third cashout
2) Added display of site side, page load time
3) Added display of total members on site/forum header with stats
4) Added display of total paid out on site/forum header with stats
5) Changed display of cashout date/text on homepage to allow extra characters and prevent odd movement
6) Added security to prevent a user from getting credit for a 5 sec ad
7) Fixed the advertiser balance bugs (tamper data and negative bug)
8 ) Fixed ad package bugs (cold get free clicks with tampered data, also made more secure)
9) Added AlertPay thank you page
10) Fixed the direct ref limit bug (members could get direct referrals without waiting the proper days)
11) Fixed last action bug in rented referrals
12) Fixed missing ref issue
13) Fixed ability you could still recycle with refs_avail was 0
14) Added redirect page for banned countries
15) Added anti bot/anti auto click protection.
16) Fixed sorting of rented referrals on rreferrals.php
17) Added anti-bot/anti-cheat protection
18) Fixed alignment on ad window when viewing ad (now fits all screens)

1) Secured bs.php to make it more unreachable via direct linking
2) Changed showing on static banner from refs the user has to the total referrals for sale on the site

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