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GeN4 1.43 Released
June 26, 2012

We are proud the announce the new release of GeN4!!

Feature List – 1.43
Rebuilt GeN4 forum structure
– Added preloader system like the site has
– Added better seperation of images into directories
– Added forum css page which gives availability for full customization
– Optimized smiley images to an incrediable smaller size without loosing quality or frames
– Optimized large png images to an incrediable smaller size without loosing quality

Rebuilt GeN4 auto install system
– Added 3 step system
– Added server module checking
– Added messaging to notify of how to address server incompatability
– Added choice of MyISAM or InnoDB format auto install
– Added back and reset buttons throughout

Added ability to assign direct or rented referrals via the admin area to a member
Added ability to turn off creation of new forum topics (admin and mod excluded)
Added server disabled function list in admin area
Added server ini_set() checking for db backups
Added Purge system which will auto suspened and/or auto delete inactive members
Added ability to have members send money to eachother (loads of admin options + history)
Changed Alertpay payment processor over to Payza due to company changing ownership
Added additional FAQ variables

Fixed 9 bugs