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GeN4 1.48 Coming Very Soon
January 31, 2014


The new version of GeN4 is about complete and I am very excited to get it out. It includes allot of new admin area improvements such as: a new design layout, numerous improvements with advertisement ordering, a new notification system when updating a page setting , an area to run SQL queries, and a demo mode which will eliminate anyone tampering with the demo while keeping a professional look and and still allowing navigation to all areas.

Member side, Paymentwall is being added which will bring the first offer program to GeN4 and is included within the script free of charge. This module is being tested live currently and once completed, it will be packaged up with the new update. I also added a username checking system as you register which uses Ajax and JQuery to search as you type, and a password strength meter with settings admin side which will allow a min strength for registration to complete. The captcha system now is settable via each page it is displayed on, and there is a random captcha feature as well. The ad system now has each captcha system added to it, and also has the random captcha feature added.

I will post a release date as soon as I have one. Hopefully the new IVinci design will be included with this update.
If it is not, it will be on the next one.