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GeN4 1.51 Released
August 28, 2016

Hello Community,

We are proud to announce the latest release of the GeN4 GPT script.  Below is the feature list for this update;

GeN4 1.51 Feature List
– Modified Admin Area CSS
– Added Display of Last Successful Cron Job (date/time)
– Added Bypass Security Option on Cron Job  (rename cron prior to using)

– Added Fixed Ad System (duration ads)
– Created Ad Chooseable Ad System (Standard, Fixed, Both)
– Modified displayed PTC click times to HRT
– Improved PTC Package Ordering Process (simplified ordering option)
– Added Ajax to PTC Ordering

– Added Offertoro Offerwall Program
– Added Dialog Box for Email Variables (admin area)
– Updated Admin Area Users Page (modified design, added new auto-search features)
– Updated IP2Country Database

– Fixed All Reported Issues


Future updates will be smaller in size and therefor, more often released.
I have some really cool stuff coming soon, so make sure your download access is up to date.

Robert Legoo
PTCPay General Manager