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Virool – Removed – Out of the GPT Market
October 27, 2018

Hello Community,

Unfortunately we had to remove Virool from our system.  I spoke with Nero who works for their team as they were not replying to a clients request for account approval.  He notified me that their quota is filled up for the year and they will determine approval for new accounts in the first quarter of the new year.  I was understanding and even preach limitation of growth often, as there are numerous settings in GeN4 regarding this strategy.  I requested a developer account to ensure things were still coded correctly as well to update any directions which entail account approval.  My request was denied, but I was passed to the owner of the company (Alexander Petrov) who I wrote a well worded email to regarding my request.  This is what I received in reply;

“Hi Robert,
Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately we don’t currently accept GPT sites nor scale this offering to our customers.
I’ll let you know If something changes in the future.

I have to admit, they’re pretty nonchalant about the move away from the very industry which they centered the majority of their business around.
They became known due to their use in the GPT industry and if you Google the phrase; ‘virool addon’, you’ll see what I mean.

They never made a public announcement regarding their change of business model, nor do they have anything about this posted on their site.
What they do have posted though is things like, “Why haven’t I gotten paid?” or “Why was my site denied?”.
In the area of denial, it should state they are no longer accepting GPT sites, but instead, it was a run around to get answers and it took days for resolve.

With that said, they were promptly removed from GeN4 and we wish them luck in the future with whatever facet they choose to center around.
If you see Virool being sold as an add-on by anyone in the GPT industry, you can safely direct them to this post.

Robert Legoo – Admin

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